Auto-Assignment option- Auto-assignment is a feature where the user has the option to check the suppliers for two or more MPNs at a time on a single window and also user can filter the suppliers depends on his/her sourcing requirement.

For Example- If you want to source the components only from authorized suppliers from particular region, let's say from region America then what you have to do is,select supplier type-Authorised, select region- America from options given on Auto-assignment window and you will able to see all authorized suppliers from region America listed on single window. so Auto-assignment feature is very easy to use and time-saving for you to find the suppliers for multiple MPNs which meets your exact requirement. Time-saving, easy to identify and filter the suppliers. In short no need to check all suppliers and their types because our Auto-assignment feature will help you to filter your sourcing requirement.

How to use Auto-Assignment Option-

Step 1: Once the RFQ has created and if the user wants to filter suppliers by type of suppliers like Authorised, independent, supplier country, region etc. then select MPNs and click on “Auto assignment” button.

Step 2: One window will generate to select filter options.

Step 3: Select the options as per your requirement.
Step 4: Click on “Assign” button
Step 5: Now you will check the list of suppliers.
Step 6: Select the suppliers by selecting check-box given in front of each supplier
Step 7: Click on “submit” button.
Step 8: Suppliers will be assigned after click on the “submit” button. Check online component distributors here.