Squid Parts provides you a very flexible Supplier Management feature, where you can manage suppliers list, line cards, account, etc as per your needs.

To manage the suppliers, follow the steps below- 

Step 1: Either choose the Manage Suppliers option from the 'Getting Started' tab at the top of the dashboard or on the ‘Suppliers’ button on the left of the page.

A list of the suppliers is displayed with whom you’re going to interact. On this page, you can add or delete the suppliers according to your needs.

To add the Suppliers, you can individually add them or directly import the file by clicking on the 'Import' button at the top right of the page.

Step 2: To add your suppliers, click on the ‘Add supplier’ button.

P.S. If you want to delete a supplier, simply check the checkbox in front of the supplier's name and hit delete.

Step 3: Enter the details and click on the ‘Save’ button.

The supplier gets added to the list.

Apart from this, you can even filter the suppliers based on three criteria- your preferences, their type- Authorised or Independent and their Line Card names.

To do so-

Step 1: Click on the funnel icon at the top right corner.

Step 2: Put in your choice and a new bifurcated list according to your needs shows-up.