When the supplier responds to your sent Quote then it is referred to as 'Supplier Quote' in Squid. When the supplier receives an Email regarding your 'RFQ request', he has to fill auto-generated Quote by clicking on the link given in Email & fill-in the quote details.

The Supplier Quote has 3 states-

Not Submitted (Default)

The default status for all Supplier RFQ is 'Not Submitted', and remains in that state until the supplier takes action.

Submitted (Upon Quote Submission) 
Marked No Bid (When Supplier Selects 'No Bid' option. Can be modified later.)

The received supplier email looks like this-

As soon as the supplier fills in all the details and clicks on the Submit button the quote will be sent and it would get listed in the Quote list.

The supplier has two choices:


1. Update MPN/part wise-
The supplier provides a quote for chosen items in screen seen above & clicks 'Submit' at the end of the screen.

2. Download & Upload RFQ-
The supplier can download excel by using option 'Download' on the top right section and after providing relevant information, upload it back using 'Upload.'

Note: Upload document must retain the same format and as download document for acceptance.

Depending on #MPN/Parts with the offer and #MPN/Parts marked 'No Bid', below status will be visible-

Revision of RFQ

Customer/ Buyer may ask for a revision of the quote. In that case, the supplier will receive an email with the revision request of RFQ like fresh RFQ and can decide if the supplier wants to send “Revise Quote” or not.

For MPN already offered or marked “No Bid”, Supplier shall be free to send a revised quote based on dynamic changes in price and availability. Latest price would be available to the Customer for final evaluation.

Note: If the supplier sends the same offer from any non-registered email id, it won’t be accepted for further evaluation & decision.