1) Optimizer will help to make the grouping of suppliers after receiving a reply from the supplier.

2)When you send RFQ, let's say for 20 parts to different suppliers. From those suppliers, some suppliers will respond to your RFQ with available parts. say Mouser electronics, Digikey electronics, RS Components, Master electronics, Future electronics etc replied on your RFQ request for available parts.  

Once you received a reply from suppliers then our “purchase assistant” feature will make one group of those suppliers with available MPNs, price offered by supplier and quantity at supplier, from there you can easily able to compare quantity, price given by suppliers and if you want to purchase from them you can select parts and add to your cart list.

3) Optimizer will be more helpful when you send RFQ for more than two parts to multiple suppliers.


Here are some steps to follow for applying Optimizer feature-

Step 1: Click on “Optimizer” button given in front of each RFQ Reference number.

Step 2: Now you will see a group of suppliers who replied to your RFQ request.

Step 3: Click on supplier name to check the MPNs, quantity, and Price offered by the supplier. 

Step 4: Here you can check and compare between supplier, quantity, and price offered by the supplier on a single window and if you want to purchase from them, you can add selected parts into the cart by clicking on “Cart” button.