The Optimizer is the most attractive feature of Squid Parts. It helps you find the best deal in terms of price, quantity and Lead time.

So, you have successfully sent RFQ for 20 different parts to different suppliers. From this list of suppliers, some would respond & some won't. Now the Optimizer would take-in all the inputs of the supplier responses and give you an interactive collocated view of the data.

Here is how you can use the Optimizer-

Step 1: Select the RFQ to want to source components for.

Step 2: Click on the Optimizer card at the top.

Initially, the default view of the Optimizer is according to the Lead Value (allow lead time)

Observe 5 things at the left as shown in the following picture-

showing the total amount for sourcing the parts
Parallel horizontal lines- giving an option to get view either on Coverage, Line Value (In-stock & allow lead time)
Download icon- will download the data into your excel
Supplier- select your choice of suppliers from the dropdown list 
Reset- this will undo all your entries and give you the default view

Step 3: Select the block of your choice and click on the download option.


As you hover over the blocks, you'll get the information about the Lead time, quantity & Line Value.